Land of minarets

anincompleteworld: Well, good morning Erzurum! I have to admit this was one of my favorite cities I’ve visited in Turkey. The city is small but has so many ruins and interesting sights, some that I was very amused by. I noticed a lot of chandelier stores here, some of the chandeliers are absolutely beautiful and […]

Erzurum Citadel

The first construction date of the citadel is not known, but is thought to have been constructed by the Byzantines in the first half of the 5th century A.D. The citadel is surrounded by an outer citadel on the hill it is located at. Today, the outer citadel, which has a dual arrangement is ruined […]

Tortum Şelalesi

Erzurum’un Uzundere ilçesindeki Tortum Şelalesi, hemen hergün yerli ve yabancı turistlerin akınına uğruyor.Tortum Şelalesi, Erzurum Tortum Şelalesi’nin doğal güzelliğini görmek üzere yaz tatilini fırsat bilen yerli ve yabancı turistler, 50 metreden aşağıya dökülen suları seyre dalıyor. Bu doğal güzelliği yerinde görmek adına hafta sonunu fırsat bilenler, akın akın şelaleyi seyre geliyor. Aileleriyle birlikte bir taraftan […]