Well, good morning Erzurum! image I have to admit this was one of my favorite cities I’ve visited in Turkey. The city is small but has so many ruins and interesting sights, some that I was very amused by. imageimageI noticed a lot of chandelier stores here, some of the chandeliers are absolutely beautiful and others had me shaking my head, wondering what that glass had to do to end with that fate. imageimageErzurum has some of the best minarets, fountains, fruit and bazaars I’ve ever seen. imageimageimageimageimageimageNotice the fruit vendor at the bottom left selling peaches to hungry Turks…and one ravenous American (guess who…).
I really enjoyed the three tombs southeast of the city with its multi-colored bricks and grass growing on the coned roof. There were no tourists around (actually, I haven’t seen a tourist for days), but I loved dodging the sweeper vehicle intent on covering me with dust. I must’ve run around those tombs three times playing hide-and-seek with an inevitable layer of street grime. Yum. imageFinally, following the major earthquake in 2011, several million buildings in Turkey were deemed “illegal” or not within required safety standards to withstand a future earthquake. I got to witness some structures that seemed questionable. imageimageSeems safe. 🙂

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